Samaritan House awarded over $50K for Client Services Program

This month, Samaritan House has been fortunate enough to receive two significant grant donations toward the sustainability of our Client Services Program. The SanDisk Corporation Fund and the Yahoo! Employee Foundation, both advised funds of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, awarded $20,000 and $32,000 grants, respectively, to SH.

Client Services acts as a gateway to all other Samaritan House programs. All clients are evaluated based on their needs and qualifications for assistance. They are then provided accordingly with a variety of resources to improve quality of life, including Case Management, Emergency Assistance, Homelessness Prevention, and Adult Education Classes.

Every month, case workers provide 1 on 1 counseling to 400 clients in our San Mateo office and to another 50 clients by telephone. We are thrilled for the opportunity that this grant provides to sustain all levels of SH programs!


About samaritanhouseblog

With over 30 years of experience, Samaritan House provides a broad range of services and resources to low-income residents in San Mateo County. Services include case management, clothing, medical care, food, shelter, employment assistance, and food and toys for the holidays. All services are provided free of charge to low-income families.
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