Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Irene

Even her 100th birthday (Dec, 2010) can't slow Irene down.

Irene started volunteering with Samaritan House 12 years ago after a representative of the agency visited her church. Equipped with a can-do attitude, an infectious smile and her famous line— “You got anything else for me to do?”— Irene quickly became loved by all members of the Samaritan House family. Irene celebrated her 100th birthday in December, and yet she continues to spend countless hours stamping letters, handwriting personal notes to donors, and moistening envelopes with tremendous efficiency and enthusiasm.

In 2007, Samaritan House recognized Irene’s contributions with the “Volunteer of the Year Award.” She is so valued within the organization that she holds her own special place in the office as a thank you for her years of service. Atop her designated desk sits a wooden picture frame that marks “Desk of Irene Hudson.”

When asked about her favorite part of volunteering at Samaritan House, Irene immediately responds, “Doing something for others of course. Plus, getting to meet great people… All my friends here are like family.”

It’s not surprising that Irene finds volunteering so rewarding, as she has dedicated much of her life to helping others. She spent many years teaching underprivileged children in her home state of Iowa before retiring and giving her life to volunteerism. Since she moved to San Mateo with her husband in 1963, Irene has volunteered with American Heart Association, Sequoia Hospital, and her local church before joining the team at Samaritan House in 1999.

Irene urges others to get involved in their communities. With a big smile and twinkle in her eyes, she says, “Helping others is what life is all about.”


About samaritanhouseblog

With over 30 years of experience, Samaritan House provides a broad range of services and resources to low-income residents in San Mateo County. Services include case management, clothing, medical care, food, shelter, employment assistance, and food and toys for the holidays. All services are provided free of charge to low-income families.
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2 Responses to Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Irene

  1. piecedgoods says:

    Great post! Glad to see SH blogging and I can’t wait to read more posts. FYI, The picture of Irene doesn’t appear on the blog. Maybe it needs to be uploaded differently?

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