Samaritan House New Social Media Profiles and How You Can Connect

We have some exciting new changes going on here at Samaritan House,  and a big part of this includes social media as an addition to  our communications.  The launch of the blog this summer, as well as our Twitter and Facebook profiles, are a big step in that direction, and in communicating better with our growing audience. So, here is a quick overview of what we have launched so far, and a little bit about how we plan on using these new tools –as well as a quick explanation of what the tools are, for any newcomers out there.

1. Twitter:
What is it?

A quick form of communication limited to 140 characters. Best used for “mini” updates such as links to articles and news, videos and photos, program highlights here, events, and connections to other people (use of @ symbol). Twitter is a “stream” of content. You get followers by actively following others.
How We’ll Use It:
To send out quick links on articles of interest,  news about issues related to the homeless and those in need,  nonprofit issues in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and to connect with people like you who are interested in our news, and whose  stories we want to follow too!
Common Misconceptions
: More = Better. This is not the case. Better to have a small group of followers who will “retweet” or repost, then a large passive group.
Our Profile
:!/Samaritan_House and @Samaritan_House
How You Can Contribute:
Follow us at the above address, retweet our posts, mention us using the @ symbol above.

2. Facebook:
What is it?

A longer form of updating than Twitter, where individuals and companies post news, information, fundraising efforts, and resources, videos and photos. Posting happens on a “Wall,” which is basically like your home page.
How We’ll Use It:
To find about more about you, our online community, ask you some questions sometimes, let you know about an event, or share a link we think is neat.
Common Misconceptions
: That Facebook can replace a website. It is best to have a separate website, as anything on Facebook is really not your own in the same way…
Our Profile:
How You Can Contribute
: “Like”our page, which means you will receive updates through the Newsfeed, you can Comment on posts, as well as Share with others. (There are options for “Like” “Comment” and “Share” beneath each posting.) Post your comments and ideas on our Wall, or here, for story suggestions.

3. Blog:
What is it?
An online journal that reflects an individual or organization’s activities, viewpoint, and news. It’s also used for thought leadership and branding, and to communicate in a more in-depth way with your audience, then through social media updates alone.
How We’ll Use It:
To tell you some of our stories, including profiles of our wonderful donors who do so much for us, as well as our clients, who we’ve been honored to assist,  since 1974.
Common Misconceptions
: That everyone will read it.
It’s sometimes a challenge to get people to read and comment on your blog…but we’re going to try! That’s why it’s important to let us know what stories you’d like to see here.
Our Profile:
How You Can Contribute
: Subscribe, using the button on the main page on the right, share a link to a post using the “Share” tool (this is coming soon), send us your ideas for posts/content

We appreciate your feedback! Do you have an idea for a great blog post? How about following us on Twitter or Liking our Facebook Page as a great jumping off point? Post your comments and ideas here, and we’ll read and to respond to all of them, we promise!


About samaritanhouseblog

With over 30 years of experience, Samaritan House provides a broad range of services and resources to low-income residents in San Mateo County. Services include case management, clothing, medical care, food, shelter, employment assistance, and food and toys for the holidays. All services are provided free of charge to low-income families.
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