Franklin Templeton Social Media Challenge Raises Over $5,000

Thanks to Franklin Templeton for their generous sponsorship of the Challenge

How was your summer? One of the highlights for us was our first-ever Social Media Challenge, sponsored by Franklin Templeton Investments, and launched by our very own super summer intern Jennifer Ringoen. The response was overwhelming, and we want to thank Franklin Templeton for their generosity and enthusiasm.

The funds raised will support our valuable Client Services program.

The San Mateo Daily Journal picked up our Challenge for their News Briefs section, giving another boost to the story.

The program launched on August 1, with an invitation for supporters to:

  • “Like” our Facebook page ($5)
  • Comment on or “like” any post on the page ($2)
  • Follow us on Twitter ($5)
  • RT or mention our Twitter handle, @Samaritan_House  ($2)

Participants were encouraged in a story on our blog, to share our Facebook Page with their Networks:

“Go to our Facebook page and click the link that says ‘Invite Friends,’ then simply choose who you’d like to suggest our page to!” And to spread the word on Twitter we created a preset tweet: “$5 to @Samaritan_House from Franklin Templeton for each new Twitter follower in Aug! $5 to like them on FB, too!”

Promotions for the Challenge included highlighting it on our website,, as well as frequent social media updates

We were also thrilled to have gotten a whopping 348  “Likes” from our reposting of the story on the San Mateo Daily Journal Facebook Page, and equally excited that the Journal ran a news brief covering the Challenge as well, giving our program even more visibility.

The response was fantastic, with over 400 Facebook fans by the end of the month, and over 100 Twitter followers. So, several hundred “Likes,” “Tweets,” and updates later, we are proud of the $5, 231 raised, which is much needed and will help fund Client Services.

When we posted the Challenge story on the Facebook page of the San Mateo Daily Journal, we got 348 new Likes in just a few hours!

Have you ever been involved in a Challenge like this? What do you think of it, and do you have any suggestions for our next one, if we were to launch a new campaign? We want to hear from you, even if you want to just post highlights of your summer!


About samaritanhouseblog

With over 30 years of experience, Samaritan House provides a broad range of services and resources to low-income residents in San Mateo County. Services include case management, clothing, medical care, food, shelter, employment assistance, and food and toys for the holidays. All services are provided free of charge to low-income families.
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